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The hybrid breed of Beefalo combines the best qualities of bison and beef cattle. Beefalo offers the hardiness of bison with the quality beef of cattle that results in the leanest, healthiest meat consumers can buy. . . and producers can sell.

Unlike well-tended beef cattle, bison herds have survived for hundreds of years without the benefit of care from herdsmen and veterinarians. Their ability to survive in teh face of drought, famine, and other natural threats has produced a breed that is genetically sound and physically superior to traditional beef breeds.

Now, modern science offers today’s beef producers and consumers the best of both species in the form of Beefalo. The full-blood Beefalo is exactly 3/8 bison and 5/8 bovine, with any of the beef breeds making up the latter part of the equation.

For consumers, it offers a healthier selection of beef. For producers, it offers a healthier profit margin. Now that’s a win-win situation!

Discover the Benefits of Beefalo

  • Lower production costs
    The Beefalo’s hardy constitution, longer life span, natural foraging instinct, resistance to disease, and ability to adapt to both hot and cold climates enable Beefalo breeders to lower production costs and minimize herdsmen responsibilities.
  • Greater adaptability to varying climates
    Most Beefalo inherit the sweat glands and double coats from their bison ancestors enabling them to thrive in harsher environments, both hot and cold.
  • Longer life span
    Beefalo are extremely hardy and tend to inherit the longer life span common in bison. Many Beefalo cows are still cost-effectively producting calves beyond 15 years of age. A brood cow that has given you 14 plus calves and continues to produce is a benefit in any herd.
  • Ease of calving
    Depending on the prominent bovine breed, Beefalo calves usually weigh between 45 and 85 pounds at birth, minimizing calving problems for producers. They make up for their low birth weights with greater weaning and yearling weights than standard beef cattle.
  • Greater growth rates
    Beefalo offspring supplement mother’s milk by grazing/browsing sooner than typical beef cattle. This results in faster weight gain, which results in greater profits for producers.
  • Excellent fertility
    The success rate of Beefalo breeding attempts is excellent. In fact, Beefalo, with their longer life span, produce longer than domestic cattle.
  • Profitability in cross-breeding programs
    Research shows that cross-breeding increases the faster settling of cows and increases calf weight at weaning time.
  • Increase hybrid vigor
    Adding Beefalo to your cross-breed program can increase hybrid vigor and introduces hardiness, longevity, and disease resistance into your herd.
  • Ability to consume a wide variety of food & forage
    Beefalo’s natural foraging ability enables them to convert roughage into greater weight gain per day.